Familiar Faces

Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 8:05am by Commodore Kristopher Kerouac-Fisher

Mission: Soul of the Seas - Episode 01
Location: USS Verne
Timeline: Unspecified 2393 - En route to Seabase Nautica

The words were still playing out in Kristopher's head, aside from the splitting headache that felt as though it were expanding like an uncontained warp bubble, the images of the ceremony flashed though his mind. The words following. It may have not been that much of a grand ceremony, only having taken place in an Admiral's office with a few other Admirals present and a representative from the office of the Secretary of Starfleet and the Deputy Federation Secretary of Defense, but it still was a rather big deal. It just had not completely settled in as of yet. “Captain Kristopher N. Kerouac” he heard the man's stern voice saying as Kris himself stood at attention. All he could think of at the time was when he was facing the Judge Advocate General in his Court Martial hearing. The following words, however, were not that of a sentencing...well, that was still left to be determined. They were words of a promotion, a career advancement to the likes Kris never fathomed. “You are hereby promoted to the rank of Commodore with all the duties and privileges” said Admiral Rashad.

Kris just remembered standing almost statuesque as someone, maybe Rashad stepped forward and pinned something beneath his four solid Captain's pips. It was the Broad pennant which underscored the Captain's pip, essentially stating that he had been promoted to the rank of Commodore, a rank that was seldom brandished around Starfleet in the 24th century. It was a peculiar advancement, placing his ahead of that of Captain and yet beneath that of a 'lower' Rear Admiral. In traditional Earth naval sense, someone with the rank of Commodore was to hold the command of more than one vessel or were part of a larger task force. He did not know exactly what was coming his way until he had been presented with his orders.

Aboard the USS Verne, named in honor of Jules Verne, Commodore Kerouac was still reading over his orders, or rather reading them over again for the seventeenth time as it seemed. They shoved me in a station had been Kris' initial reaction before fully grasping the significance of his assignment. More details then trickled in as he processed the information further. The USS Camelot which was undergoing repairs after a nasty little skirmish with some angry Tholians would 'set sail' again in coming months, but it would not be departing with Kerouac in the center chair. Of course, Kris immediately recommended both his Executive Officer and Second Officer (much to her displeasure) for the command. He was not sure if Starfleet would agree, but those matters were now out of his control.

What was in his control, however, was the ability to snatch some his crew from the USS Camelot and have them reassigned to Nautica, Kris' next command. Submersible Seabase Nautice to be exact. The first and only of her kind thus far, a Nautilus class submersible station which was a damn crazy idea if Kris ever heard one. Which is why you were the first soul that came to mind for this he told himself. His antics had seen him through two commands with a stint in a Klingon prison to bridge the gap. Fortunately, there was no prison time to bridge the jump from Camelot to Nautica.

He sat there his feet were thumping and he was sweaty profusely. How could one really be calm knowing they were going into something like this? The USS Verne was also technically under his command. At least it would be. It was a Aerie class starship like the Raven, which had been outfitted with the ability to perform far beyond space travel. It was equipped with immersion shields and could venture beneath the watery surface of the planet Volos II, also known as Monea Kris looked around the ship. There was a small crew of a few bodies assigned to the Verne, tasked with ferrying the Commodore and company to Seabase Nautica in one piece.

Familiar faces were around him. Lieutenant Ion Neith was one of Kris' top selections, a young talented man who had served on the Camelot as Chief Engineer. If there was anyone who could problem solve on the fly, provide at least somewhat digestible techno babble, and learn the inner workings of the Seabase, it was Ion. Kris knew that Lieutenant Neith would be the only Chief Engineer aside from Jennifer Matthews that he'd feel safe with, knowing that on the Seabase only the 'tin can' was what was between him and a watery grave.

Then there was a more personal selection, though Kris' reasoning was not solely shouldered by his heart, but also by his brain and command intellect. Federation contact with the Monoean people was still rather fresh. Thought the Universal Translator was accurate at least 80 to 85 percent of the time with the Monean language, there were still times where certain words, expressions, and idioms just would not translate or would be mangled by the translator after going through a dozen languages for a poor interpretation. If there was anyone that was going to the fill in the gaps and make working side by side with the Monean Maritime Sovereignty easier, it would be Dr. Scott Fisher. As Chief Science Officer, Kris knew he had someone he could depend on to work with both Starfleet, Federation Civilians, and Monean scientist. Someone like Jordyn Elbrun would have stuffed up the whole collaborative thing in a matter of days with his antisocial soured attitude. Fisher was far better with people, and in Kris' honest opinion far superior intellectually.

The next familiar face was that of the Norwegian man with mixed Klingon heritage, he was fair skinned with very faint cranial ridges, the only sign he was Klingon other than arguably his hair which was often worn in dreadlocks or in some interesting braided style of the man's liking. As Commanding Officer, Kris did not really mind how the man wore his hair nor the length of it. MaS Måne was also a Federation civilian rather than in Starfleet. He had only been on the Camelot for a few months serving under Kris as Morale Officer, though Kris felt the man had done a good job, more than that, Kris felt the man would be an asset to Seabase Nautica. Building strong diplomatic relations with civilian crew and the Moneans was probably best done by someone who was not Starfleet, and that was something MaS was not. Commodore Kerouac wanted to keep MaS on as Morale Officer, but was hoping to speak with the man soon about taking over additional duties as Nautica's Chef.

The last face of the familiar variety was that of a woman who was still much more of a mystery than anyone Kris had ever have serve underneath him. Counselor Quinzel, a Q who no longer had her 'God Like' powers, and yet still managed to terrify Kris. However, at times she seemed child like with her wander, her study of what it was to be like to be human. There were a few reasons why Kris wanted her with him on Seabase Nautica. One being, if anyone knew what was out there in the Delta Quadrant, it quite potentially would be her. With her knowledge of the galaxy, she was the perfect person to have as his broader diplomatic right hand and as someone to monitor the psychological health and well being of the crew.