Lieutenant Scott Fisher

Name Scott Fisher PhD

Position Chief Science Officer

Rank Lieutenant

Character Information

Gender Male
Species Human
Age 27

Physical Appearance

Height 5'10
Weight 168 lbs
Hair Color Blonde
Eye Color Blue
Physical Description Scott would be considered a handsome man, with what his mother would consider a baby face. Though he is 27 years old, he is often mistaken for younger. He stands a couple of inches taller than the average human male, and his build would be considered a swimmers build. His slight muscle definition is natural, but he does stay trim due to running and swimming. He wouldn’t consider himself strong, but he is agile and quick. He keeps his blonde hair cut short, and styled. His eyes are a crystal clear blue. His manner of dress when not in uniform is casual.


Spouse Kristopher Fisher (nee Kerouac)
Children Cadence Kerouac-Fisher
Father Dr. Carson Fisher, PhD
Mother Julia Fisher
Other Family Extended family on both sides

Personality & Traits

General Overview here are a few important facts about Scott Fisher that are noticeable. He is quite smart, genius even, but he is stunted in a lot of different other areas of his life. Though he is friendly, and always ready with a smile, he can be a bit naive as well. He doesn’t totally understand social interaction, and at times will say the wrong thing but yet not understand why it was wrong to say it. But make no mistake, he isn’t child like in anyway shape or form. He just isn’t really socially aware.

He never flaunts his abilities, and at times he can downplay them. Having been made fun of as a child by other children, he has learned over the years it’s best to blend in rather than stick out. Starfleet has changed his way of thinking on this, and he has realized he is far more of an asset then those he grew up with had so pointedly told him.

Though he is adopted, he is not resentful at all. Carson and Julia are his parents, and he loves them just as much as they love him. He has no interest in even finding out who his birth parents are. Though, there are times he wonders what they are like, and wonders why they gave him up the way they did. But, those thoughts don’t come often.

Scott has a couple of nervous habits that he has tried to overcome over the years, and has only been semi-successful. One thing he does is the thumb to finger counting where his thumb touches each finger in succession. He counts in his head when he does that. Another nervous habit, is he tends to stutter, which happens typically when he is nervous or can't get his point across. However, when he is speaking languages he never stumbles over his words.

Overall, Scott is a friendly guy who just wants to try and fit in.
Strengths & Weaknesses His biggest strength is his linguistic abilities. He can speak several, and can easily learn others quite quickly. He has been known as a walking and talking UT, though he doesn’t really like when he is referred as such. He is also extremely curious, about technology, people, and cultures. He is glad to have grown up in an age of exploration, and that he has the chance to explore. Another strength is that he has a strong analytical mind, which certainly helps in his profession. He also is very respectful, and is one to follow the rules to the letter.

His biggest weaknesses is his naivety. He doesn’t always understand if someone is making a joke, or being serious. He can also be a bit on the shy side. He is, at times, desperate to make friends to the point he will compromise his own beliefs or dumb himself down to do so. This is a carry over from his childhood, something he tries very hard to not think about.
Ambitions Scott’s thirst for knowledge is his only true ambition. He joined Starlet because he wanted to see the stars and explore. Starfleet was also allowed him to exercise his skills as a linguist and science officer. He doesn’t care about rank or position, he just wants to do good work for Starfleet and the Federation.
Hobbies & Interests Besides wanting to learn about new languages and cultures, Scott considers himself a die hard nerd. He loves old sci fi, especially movies from the 20th and 21st century. He consumes old novels by authors such as Jules Verne, Arthur C. Clarke, Douglas Adams, Neil Gaiman, and L. Ron Hubbard. It was those stories that propelled him to reach for the stars and fuel his curious nature.

Another interest is comic books, graphic novels, anything of that sort. He has a large collection printed collection that he keeps at his parent’s home. He also has a large digital collection in his own private database. He is also into gaming, be it games on the holodeck, or table top gaming. He just finds it all fun, and adventurous.

Personal History Scott Fisher came into this world unwanted. He was left at the medical complex in Portland, Maine with no other information on who he was or who the birth mother was. After he was checked out and given a clean bill of health, he was taken into the social services system and within a day was taken in by Carson and Julia Fisher. The two were new to being foster parents, and Scott was the first child they had gotten. Of course they fell in love immediately, and wanted to start adoption proceedings right away.

It took close to a year for the adoption to go through, but that didn’t matter since they considered Scott theirs from the moment they got him.

Scott had a fairly normal childhood. His father was a professor at the university, and his mom was a stay at home mom. It was realized early on that he was a smart kid, that he could pick up on things quickly. Though he could have moved through the grades quickly, his parents decided to keep him in the grade that was appropriate for his age. They knew he was having a hard time socially and it was their hope that if they kept him with his peers, that would change. It did somewhat, but not totally.

A lot of times he was made fun of, bullied at times, and as he got older he started to dumb himself down. No one was ever physically violent toward him, but the name calling and taunting didn’t really help his self-esteem and self-worth. So, he kept to himself a to, read his books, and it was his hope that he would get into Starfleet so he could leave Earth behind and explore the vast universe.

His parents were supportive of his choice to join Starfleet and encouraged his abilities in the sciences and his linguistic abilities. He got into the Academy though it wasn’t easy. The academic side he easily got past, but the oral and psychological exams were a bit harder to deal with. But, he made it in, and that was what mattered.
Service Record Portland public education
- This was just a primary education that went through kindergarten to 12th grade. School was tough for Scott, not academically, but socially. He desperately wanted to fit in, and would do just about anything to do so. In high school he would do other’s homework in hopes that he would be included in social events like parties. He had some friends, but he wouldn’t really consider them good friends. He constantly felt socially awkward, and loneliness was his constant companion.

Starfleet Academy
- Starfleet Academy was an academic environment that Scott found himself thriving in. Due to his linguistic and analytical abilities, he was placed into the science track. Though he thrived, he still, at times, felt out of place. It was also tough for him to adjust from living a moderate sized city, to a bustling city like San Francisco. His shyness didn’t truly go away, but he did open up more to people. He found there were many people like himself at the Academy, and it was refreshing.

He felt like four years flew by, and before he knew it he was graduating. Since he wanted to specialize, Scott decided to pursue further education. Though he was itching to get out in space, he knew having his doctorate may open up more doors for him. So, for the next five years, he stayed on Earth to pursue his doctorate.

Starfleet Academy Graduate Program
- Scott became a doctoral candidate and spent five years working toward getting his doctorate in xenolinguistics and communications. He certainly loved being a student, this was his domain, and he loved learning even more. Despite being a prodigy when it came to languages, he never wanted to be treated any different. He felt, through his specialized studies, he learned a lot. It wasn’t just about learning languages, and the engineering behind the UT, but it taught how to communicate with others who weren’t the same as humans. The program taught things like how to be diplomatic, and there were other social sciences involved such as anthropology, psychology, and sociology.

After five years of intense study, he was granted his doctorate in xenolinguistics.

USS Camelot - Language Specialist / Chief Science Officer
- Upon getting his doctorate he, his dream came true and was assigned to a starship.

Seasbase Nautica - Chief Science Officer