Eighteen years ago a remarkable discovery was made by the stranded crew of the Federation starship, Voyager while lost in the Delta Quadrant. The detection of substantial amounts of hydrogen and oxygen lead them to a planet like no other. Unclassifiable at the time, the planet (Volos II / Monea) was almost entirely covered by water that was kept from dissipating by an encompassing containment field. It was a modern marvel by Federation standards and a world the Federation sought to return to after the USS Voyager returned home with tales of their journeys.

The Moneans were a scientifically driven species who protected their discovered planet from outsiders seeking to pillage and raid the natural resources of their planet. Though in their eagerness and lack of understanding, they began to do more harm than good to the planet. Insubordinate actions by then Lieutenant Thomas Eugene Paris and Monean scientist Riga would foiled by Captain Kathryn Janeway and Deputy Counsel Burkus of the Monean Maritime Sovereignty. However, the motions were already set for change.

With the United Federation of Planets back in the Delta Quadrant, seeking to explore new life and new civilizations, the Moneans reached out for help. With a newly established leadership in Government, the Moneans were able to slow the damage done to their world. Seeking to establish strong relations with peaceful and prosperous civilizations in the quadrant, the United Federation of Planets and the Monean Maritime Sovereignty brokered an accord.

Construction of the first Federation designed Seabase began with the assistance of Monean scientist and engineers, resulting in the completion of Submersible Seasbase Nautica in 2393. Under joint custody of the United Federation of Planets and the Monean Maritime Sovereignty, Seabase Nautica stands as a classified base of operations in the Delta Quadrant.

As a launching pad for everything from strategic tactical operations to rendering humanitarian aide, Seabase Nautica is home to hundreds on Federation civilians, Starfleet Officers, and Moneans, all working together to keep the planet's resources safe and secure as they oversee peace and prosperity in their region of the quadrant.

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Mission: Soul of the Seas - Episode 01
Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 9:56am by Commodore Kristopher Kerouac-Fisher

Commodore Kristopher Kerouac was still very much lost in his own mind, sinking deeper into his subconsciousness as he thought more and more about his new assignment and the fact that the transport vessel he and the others were on, the USS Verne was currently in space, but would soon…

» Familiar Faces

Mission: Soul of the Seas - Episode 01
Posted on Wed Mar 15th, 2017 @ 8:05am by Commodore Kristopher Kerouac-Fisher

The words were still playing out in Kristopher's head, aside from the splitting headache that felt as though it were expanding like an uncontained warp bubble, the images of the ceremony flashed though his mind. The words following. It may have not been that much of a grand ceremony, only…